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Feeding my son during a aerial arts outdoor photoshoot - Photocredit: Jealous by Nature

Mama, Woman and Pole Dance Addict

I'm Andrea. Mama (german for mum) to a gorgeous 4 year old son Jamie, our angel baby Leia and our newest addition Jesse, who was born in February 2019.

My husband Franz and I moved from Germany to Perth, Australia in 2011 and we can't imagine living anywhere else. Our son was born in Perth in 2015 and we were expecting to add a little baby sister to our family in 2018.

Unfortunately at 23 weeks gestation we lost our baby girl Leia due to PPROM (Preterm Premature Rapture of Membranes). While in hospital, I promised myself I would keep her memory alive and find something to bring joy to other people and myself. 

So I picked up my camera again, a hobby I always loved, but hadn't pursued since the birth of Jamie. Leia's Legacy Photography was born.

Holding my baby girl  - Photocredit: Belle Verdiglione Photography

Why this mix of photography genres?

Photography is my therapy, my passion, my way to bring happiness to people. That's why I choose to photograph things I'm passionate about.


I love my family and our house is plastered with family photos. I want to give other families the gift of capturing those precious moments, wether it's a family fest, a birthday party or a a lazy day in the park. I'm passionate about capturing real emotions, photos that will transport you back to that moment.

My little family - Photocredit: Belle Verdiglione Photography

Pregnancy & Babies

Having been pregnant 3 times, I know how unsexy you feel towards the end of your pregnancy. I was so happy when I got some beautiful photos of myself showing of that gorgeous belly. I want to make pregnant women feel beautiful and for them to see how gorgeous they look carrying new life under their heart. And of course I can't resist taking photos of squishy newborns and get a cuddle or two.  I'm also a big advocate of normalising breastfeeding and therefore love a breastfeeding shoot celebrating this wonderful bond between mother and baby.

35 weeks pregnant with my son Jamie - Photo credit: Nina Otranto Photography

Yoga, Pole Dance and Boudoir

I'm a Pole Dance addict and I love Yoga. Some might think those two forms of exercise don't really go together, but they actually complement each other. Both require a lot of discipline, strength and flexibility and are great for body and mind. And neither of them require for women and men to adhere to a certain body shape, but embrace diversity and individuality.

I want to empower women (and men) and help them embrace their sensuality and self-love by giving them beautiful photos of themselves doing what they love doing. It's often daunting to step in front of the camera, but I will guide you through the poses that are most flattering for our body type and I can promise it will be a fun experience with lots of laughter. 

My first pole dance photoshoot after having my son Jamie  - Photo credit: Vertigo Photography

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Phone: 04 50301101

Greenwood, WA, Australia

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